Our company consists of a group of young entrepreneurs, of various nationalities and with a high level of educational background and extensive experience in their respective fields (mainly in the legal and business fields). With our group collaborate many premier corporations such as Spanish banks, lawyers, Spanish insurance and real estate corporations.

Farhad Amini

At the head of this project is Farhad Amini Amini, a practicing lawyer with Master Degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and with extensive experience in the business world (mainly in textiles and law). Mr Amini currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates although for business reasons he is constantly traveling between Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Our vision

Our group operates mainly in Madrid and Dubai. We focus especially on legal services. Our main mission is to facilitate your work in any in these locations: we offer a range of services in each one and if you require any of them, you let us know and we will help, in a short space time.

As legal advisors we are, we give special attention to all that surrounds the legal issue in the field of business, investment, immigration, legal services (both in Spain and United Arab Emirates) and residence permits in Spain.Our company specializes in the field of business migration: according to the Spanish law after making a minimum investment in Spain you can get a Spanish residence permit.

In today's globalized world and with the facilities offered by new technologies, we must have the capacity to travel. Therefore we offer the possibility of acquiring a residence permit. This will facilitate your ability to travel around the world.

Our group is eminently polyglot. We handle several international languages although we operate mainly with the following languages: Spanish, English and Persian


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  • Avda. San Pablo. Madrid
  • Dubai: +971 50 552 37 41
  • Oficina Madrid: +34 91 66 92 858
  • Madrid: +34 649 92 60 00

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