One of the main areas where our group operates is the legal field. Since the founder of our project as much of the equipment are lawyers or law graduates, we have focused a lot in this area. We offer a wide range of legal services both in UAE (mainly in Dubai, but also in Sharjah, Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi) and in Spain (mainly in Madrid, although depending on the case, we could also deal with cases in other parts of the country).

We have a wide variety of legal, collaborator experts in different fields, ready to assist you. Depending on the country, we can give legal cover for different fields:

  • Business Migration


    Entrepreneurs Spanish law, 14/2014, September 27, (revised in 2015) contains a number of circumstances in which the Spanish state would facilitate residence permits for certain individuals that must first invest in the country. With Spanish residence permit you can travel throughout the Schengen area without restrictions. After several years you can acquire Spanish nationality . The Spanish passport is considered one of the strongest in the world. You can travel to up to 175 countries without a visa. Our work is carried at all times by legal and official channels established by the Government of Spain and the Spanish Financial Institutions. The residence permit granted by this Act is very flexible: you can travel freely abroad without residing permanently in Spanish territory. Investment in Spain and subsequent access to the residence permit extends not only to investors but also to their spouses and children (and even to parents in some cases).
    The most notable cases include

    • Deposit a million euro in a Spanish financial institution
    • Residence visa for equity investors:: for less than 2 million euros of Spanish government debt value or a million euros in shares or shares of Spanish companies. -
    • Residence visa for acquisition of real estate: purchase of property worth at least € 500,000.
    • Residence visa for entrepreneurs: the residence permit both for investors who submit a business project that will be developed in Spain and those who plan to enter and stay in Spain for one year to carry out the necessary paperwork is granted.
    • Residence visa for family:: the new Entrepreneurs Act provides that a spouse and children under 18 may apply for a residence permit as well as incapable adults. They must prove their family relationship.
  • Immigration


    Both the documentary and administrative procedures and also the following- up the process. Immigration is a very broad field, where different issues are discussed. Some of these are as follows: Both the documentary and administrative procedures for following-up the process:

    • Political Asylum: by Law 12/2009 of 30 October, the law regulates the right to asylum in Spain, although this law amended by law 2/2014 of 25 March. refugee status by the Spanish state to any person who, for well-founded fear of being persecuted for awhile, ethnicity, ideology, religion, gender or sexual orientation is recognized. Those covered by this condition can not be expelled or returned to countries where it is feared that there may be such persecution. You can also grant the subsidiary protection.
    • Expulsions in violation of the Organic Law 4/2000 of Rights and Freedoms of Foreigners in Spain, having a removal order or such a thing is pending, we will proceed to contest it.
    • Internment: foreigners who are in a situation of confinement in a state-enabled for that purpose.
    • Nationality: Request for Spanish citizenship and resources in case of rejection of it.
    • Urgent precautionary measure: if the migrant has an expulsion order, who is detained and it appears that there is a “hot-flight" in less than 72 hours, we must call an urgent injunction to court the dispute to paralyze imminent expulsion.e
    • Acquisition nationality: the common nationality to acquire time is ten years living in Spain continuously and legally. Once this time may request Spanish nationality. The legal time of stay is relative, as there are exceptions to that rule through which one could access to nationality in a period of less than ten years. In asylum cases (5 years), by naturalization (on request of the Minister of Justice), derivative, marriage to a Spanish citizen etc.

Business Migration Benefits

With the Spanish residence permit you can travel throughout the Schengen area without restrictions. After several years you may apply for Spanish nationality. The Spanish passport is considered one of the strongest in the world, allowing you to travel to 175 countries without a visa. The whole process of Business Migration is carried out according to official channels offered by the government of Spain and banking institutions.

By fulfilling a series of requirements and making proper investment in Spain, you and your family (spouse, unmarried children and in some cases even parents) may get the residence permit in Spain.

  • Labor Law


    In matters of labor disputes, whether between workers and / or workers and companies we have several expert lawyers in the matter, especially in the case of layoffs.

  • Administrative


    This refers to the relationship between individuals and the public administration. Relations between them are very complicated and require very well-trained people. They are purely bureaucratic matters in which we have extensive experience in both the processes and the various administrative laws (LRJ-PAC, LJCA, etc). To take one example, in cases of appeal against a measure taken by the Administration that resource would have to go through administrative channels.

  • Visas


    Our crew may help you in the process of application for a Spanish visa. We can also follow up the entire process by being in contact with the Spanish embassy. Those who are willing to take this option must fulfill some requirements..

    Short stay visas

    • Estancia: up to 90 days. For tourists, family visit, transit,.. etc

    National visas

    • Family reunification.
    • Studies and research: over 90 days.
    • Non-lucrative residence visa: it allows you only to stay.
    • Residence and self-employed visa: allows you to reside and to work.
    • Residence and “cuenta ajena” visa: allows you to reside and work for a company.

    Humanitarian/health visa

    • Humanitarian/health visa: in case those who have some health issues, we may help them with the application of this visa in order to visit Spain and receive treatment.
  • Crime Law


    Interpose complaints against individuals and companies, defending different, mainly the following criminal cases:s:

    • Theft
    • Robbery
    • Injury
    • Traffic offenses
  • Health issues


    In case of problems with the system of public health or medical malpractice, we work with one of the leading experts in this field nationwide.

  • Civil


    Mainly claims for payment, civil (mainly traffic accidents) and evictions responsibility.

  • Commercial


    We mean the creation of corporations. This field also related to the Law of Entrepreneurs. These are some of the services we offer in this field:

    • Company foundations and all kinds of corporations and legal structures.
    • Company modifications: address change, modification of statutes, change of company´s corporate purpose, etc.
    • Resignation and appointment of directors, directors and auditors.
    • Control debt portfolios, legal collection actions, etc.
    • Registration and protection of trademarks, patents and domains.
    • Procedures and formalities before public bodies, registries and notaries.
    • Bankruptcy.
  • Registering property


    We carry out the process of registration in the Land Registry after purchase / sale of real estate.

Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due


Services in Dubai

In Dubai we are also associated with various UAE lawyers with extensive professional and supported by a group of lawyers and jurists from Egypt, Jordan and the UK. We handle mainly on the following issues:

  • Crime Law


    Everything related to this branch of law.

    • Theft
    • Crimes against honor
    • Threats
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Homicidios
    • Child abuse
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol
    • Robo.

    Also in the case of returned checks (according to the Law of Emirates, the return of a check may result in civil and criminal penalties).
  • Civil


    We can help you in the following cases

    • Divorce and separations
    • Inheritance
    • Propiedad
    • Appeal of travel bans. Also you have to consider that the return of bills of exchange, according to the UAE law entails not only civil but also criminal liability.

  • Contracts


    We have in our team several British legal experts in the field. Both in case of contracts between individuals as well as companies and state.

  • Commercial


    Our group is involved in a number of commercial services and assistance that may be helpful. Some of these services are as follows:

    • Franchise.
    • Merges and acquisitions
    • Licenses.
    • Audits.
  • Arbitration


    In many cases problems between parties can be resolved through an arbitration or mediation: a third person or several mediate between the parties to reach an amicable agreement. This is a very common practice in the Middle East.

Apart from the legal services in the above fields, we also take care of daily affairs: legal consultation, customer meetings with his counterpart (with a 24-hour notice before), legal notices, etc.

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